"The Secret To TRANSFORMING Your Marketing From Just "OK", To Freakishly Effective In The Next 14 Days ..."
Dear marketer,

My name is Justin Glover, and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you exactly how to TRANSFORM your marketing from In-effective to FREAKISHLY EFFECTIVE, guaranteed …

Why am I sharing these marketing secrets with the world?

Because, I’ve been in your position before. I’ve put out my fair share of ineffective marketing, and I know how bad it sucks to waste time and money, trying to figure out what part of your business is NOT working properly. 

But, before we go any further, I need to first explain to you what EFFECTIVE marketing actually looks like.
What Does Effective Marketing Look Like?

Marketing is what you do to attract people to you and your business. EFFECTIVE marketing is any marketing that gets people REACHING OUT TO YOU daily.

My goal is for you to learn how to create EFFECTIVE marketing that gets people to take the desired next step that you want them to take.

Simply put, the more effective marketing you put out, the more people reach out to you wanting to learn more about the products, service, or opportunity that you sell.
Is Your Marketing BROKEN?

Have you ever wondered why you are not generating more leads than you are currently generating?

Or even worse… 

Have you ever wondered why you are generating leads, but none of them are converting into sales for you?

Here’s the answer: 
It’s the MARKETING that’s not working.

And the “14 Days To Marketing Mastery” training series fixes that forever.

But, before I tell you what it will do for you, I just want to clarify something first. It's about the title of this program. "marketing mastery"

It's important that you know ...

Mastery is a lifetime journey. It’s NOT a destination.

And by no means will this 14 day training program make you a “master marketer.” That's just not a realistic expectation.

I’ve been studying this stuff for over 10 years now and I don’t even consider myself a “master marketer” yet.

However, when you complete this 14 day training program, you WILL be well on the PATH to marketing mastery, and that, my friend, is an invaluable skillset that will pay you for the rest of your life.
The story behind this training program.
(why it exists, and why i’m giving it to you for only $1 per day)

Here’s the short story: 

My buddy Ray Higdon launched a 14 day marketing challenge a couple months back.

I had just finished creating a new product that and it was perfect timing for me, because I was ready to start putting out content (specifically livestream videos) more often, and this 14 day challenge seemed to me like the perfect kick start to that.

Plus, Ray's training is amazing and he always overdelivers, so i knew i would get tons of value from it.

So I paid the measly $27 tuition for the 14 day challenge and off we went.

Little did i know at the time, that it would evolve into the training program that you are now about to begin. 

But that's exactly what happened, and I'm glad you are here.

I’ve been a full time student of marketing, and a true “laptop lifestyle” entrepreneur for over a decade now… as such, I was eager to hear what Ray had to say during his 14 day challenge.

His promise for the challenge was simply: 
More effective marketing.

And since I’m always looking to improve my marketing, I jumped right in.

During the challenge, I took VERY thorough notes, daily for the entire 14 days. (35 pages worth on a google doc when all said and done)

The core of the challenge was to do a FB live video every day for the entire 14 days. I did, and at the end of each one, I offered those notes I was taking for free to anyone that wanted them… all they had to do was reach out to me and ask.

This worked better than expected, as I had 30+ people reach out and ask for those notes in the first 3 days. (aka - 30 leads from social media)

Most all of them have since reached out to me and told me that the notes are really great. 

But I also know that not all of them have even had time to go through them all yet… (hint: Reading 35+ pages of ANYTHING these days is a big ask from some people.)

When I posted a message asking for feedback on the notes, I got more than one reply of “i haven’t finished them yet, but VERY helpful so far…” 

I'll admit, when they originally requested the notes, they didn’t know they would get 30+ pages of stuff to read. (nor did I if I’m being honest)

So, the biggest problem is finding time to read 35+ pages of notes. That takes some time, and simply put, most people won’t do it… even if its on a topic they are genuinely interested in.

I realize you’re probably not most people, but nevertheless i wanted to make this stuff easier for everyone to consume, because I know that is what will make it more likely that more people will consume the content.

So, I went back through all 14 days of notes, and I took each day and I ENHANCED it, by adding in my own twists based on my 10+ years of marketing "education" (more like obsession), …

…I turned each day into its own unique mini marketing lesson that teaches you one very specific part of what I now call the “marketing mastery” formula. (aka - the formula for creating a GREAT (effective) piece of marketing)
Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in “14 Days To Marketing Mastery” right now ...

14 email & video lessons in 14 days. 

One lesson per day delivered via email and video.

Every lesson is under 30 minutes long, but on average, each lesson will take you between 12-15 min to complete. (and will return to you a lifetime of improved marketing)

…knowing of how to create an effective piece of marketing is a priceless skillset that will pay you for the rest of your life.

The original 14 day challenge was exclusively focused on FB lives.

However, the "14 days to marketing mastery" program has been ENHANCED, and it applies to not only FB lives, but ALL forms of marketing. (written included)
I'll be honest ...

Going into the original 14 day challenge, I didn’t think I would learn all that much (if anything) NEW. 

(Please note: I’m not being arrogant here, it’s just that I’ve been studying marketing for over a decade now, and there’s not a lot NEW i learn very often) 

…and you know what, I didn’t really learn anything “new” in terms of marketing strategy... 

But what DID happen was quite remarkable!

I had 2 or 3 breakthroughs in the way I THINK about my marketing… and it’s that new way of thinking about my marketing that is creating the improved results in my marketing.

When I fully ‘GOT’ this stuff for the first time, my results INSTANTLY improved. (like day 1)

If memory serves correctly, I had 50+ brand new leads respond to my marketing, and enter into my various sales funnels in the first 5 days… 

Not bad considering those leads didn’t cost me a penny in advertising.

I expect that you will see the same (if not better) results when you implement what you will learn in the next 14 days.

Speaking of…
Here’s what you’ll learn in the 14 Days To Marketing Mastery training program: (and what it will do for you)
  •  How to write COMPELLING TITLES for your FB lives to get more people to WATCH them.
  • How to talk about ANYTHING and then transition seamlessly into selling your own product or service.
  •  How to give clear, compelling Call To Action’s the RIGHT WAY (most do this all wrong).
  •  How to NEVER struggle to come up with content ideas ever again!
(Only $1 A Day!)
Here’s The Complete Daily Breakdown And Summary Of What You’ll Learn:
Day 1: Welcome & Expectations

* You will get an introduction to the “Marketing Mastery” formula. (hint: this is THE formula for creating a great (effective) piece of marketing.)

* You’ll learn more about WHY we created this 14 day training program. (including the person that inspired me to create it)

* A complete breakdown of HOW this 14 day program will work.

* The key differences between the different types of marketing, (push & pull) and which ones we will be focusing on during this program. (hint: they both have very different strategies and it’s important that you know these differences)

* The 2 things that make “Attraction Marketing” work best.

Day 2: What does GREAT marketing look like?

* The FOUR components that can be found in EVERY piece of great marketing. (AKA - the "Marketing Mastery" Formula)

* A sneak peek as to what needs to happen AFTER people respond to your marketing.

* The 10 steps to creating EFFECTIVE marketing at will.

Day 3: The Formula For Fascination (Titles & Headlines)

* How to write headlines and titles that DON’T SUCK.

* How to more effectively communicate the benefits of your product, service, or opportunity in your marketing.

* A proven formula for writing headlines and titles that will get your ideal prospect to stop in their tracks and CONSUME your marketing piece. (which is your objective)

Day 4: The Lost Art Of Marketing Transitions

* How to talk about ANYTHING in your FB lives / content, and successfully transition into your call to action, (CTA) without sounding like a bumbling idiot. 

* How to INSTANTLY make your marketing more effective by using the “Elephant In The Room” transition.

* Why mastering the art of TRANSITIONING can literally make your marketing efforts easier, but also far more effective.

Day 5: The 3 step formula for selling ANYTHING in the world.

* Why it’s 1000 times better to always seek the CONVERSATION instead of the CONVERSION. (hint: amateur marketers seek the conversion)

* The simple 1 question evaluation you can perform on any piece of marketing to get more people to respond to it.

* The common mistake that amateur marketers make that PREVENTS their marketing piece from benefiting them in any way. (warning: do NOT make this same mistake)

Day 6: The 3 letters that can change the world.

* The easiest way in the world to come up with content ideas to write / talk about. (hint: once you understand this simple ‘hack’ you’ll NEVER again run out of topics to talk about)

* How to legally and ethically “steal” other people’s content, and use it for your own benefit. (while potentially opening up some Joint Venture opportunities in the process)

* How to tap into PAST notes that you took and use them in your marketing TODAY for even better results.

Day 7: The power of our WORDS.

* Why some people are seeing improved results from their marketing after just going through the first couple days of this training, and why others will NEVER see those results.

* The ninja trick to increase your awareness about the words you are using. (hint: this is important because most marketers have no idea that they are even using the wrong words)

* The one thing that many marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs do that is equivalent to smacking God right in the face. (hint: avoid this at all costs)

Day 8: The anti-authority model that produces better results.

* Why its actually a BAD IDEA to position yourself as an expert or authority in your marketing. (hint: there are a couple exceptions to this rule though, so pay attention)

* One of the biggest reasons that people fail to be CONSISTENT in their marketing. (which is the KEY to successful long term marketing)

* Why Ray Crock said that he “Never sold the burger, instead always sold the franchise”

Day 9: The power of the “CTA Delay”

* How to get yourself into FAR more conversations with no additional work. (hint: remember, the conversations are where the sales happen)

* How the CTA delay can literally be the difference in 100 new sales vs. 6 new sales from any one piece of content marketing.

* A ninja strategy for using the CTA delay inside of “spam FB groups” to generate more leads and make more sales than anyone else in that group. (hint: very few people in ANY of those groups ever generate any new leads from those strategies - but with this new approach, you’ll be the only one in there getting the leads)

Day 10: Simplicity is the key to success.

* The top 4 reasons that most people FAIL to be consistent in their content marketing. (and how to overcome them all)

* Why keeping things simple when planning out your marketing strategy is best.

* My simple “blogstorm” process for planning out your marketing months in advance.

* How to create your marketing / publishing calendar.

Day 11: Why CTA’s work better than CTP’s or CTJ’s 

* Why most marketers are SABOTAGING their own results and don’t even realize it, by giving CTP’s and CTJ’s.

* How to make your CTA’s more effective by making them clear and concise (instead of long and drawn out)

* How to use CTA’s properly to get the MAXIMUM number of people to respond to your marketing piece.

Day 12: How to make your CTA’s far more compelling. (2 ninja tips)

* How to use “Callouts” properly in your CTA’s to make them immediately more effective.

* Why you cannot rely on CONSUMPTION of your “freebies” to do the up selling of your next programs. (hint: most people never even consume your “freebies”)

* Why the majority of your sales will actually come as a result of your successful CTA & well executed “CTA delay”

Day 13: Ninja ways to creating better titles and content ideas ...

* A quick reflection back over the first 13 days, to better prepare you to finish strong.

* How you can use grocery store checkout stands to come up with the best headlines and titles for your marketing pieces.

* Why the title of your content is actually more important than your content itself.

* How to always sell MORE by talking about what your product, service, or opportunity DOES, instead of talking about what it IS. (probably the most commonly overlooked thing by marketers)

* 7 more formulas for fascination (to write even more effective titles)

Day 14: Why NOTHING beats a strong community + physical product representation ...

* How to “Be so good they can’t ignore you” like Steve Martin recommends.

* How to get more people consuming your content by becoming worthy of following.

* Why marketing your product, service, or opportunity is simply NOT enough! If you don’t want to get knocked off, you MUST also market a community)

* How to use physical product representation (even if your products are digital) to increase your conversions when marketing.

Your Marketing Will Become Unstoppable ...

Implement what you learn in any ONE of these lessons into your marketing, and it’s guaranteed to improve. 

Implement ALL 14 lessons, and you’ll have more people than you can keep up with reaching out to you, wanting to learn more about your product, service, or opportunity.

Want your team to explode? Teach them this stuff. (or better yet, have them buy this training also)

Your marketing will literally never be the same. 

It will finally start WORKING the way you envisioned it. 
Your marketing will become unstoppable.

Here’s a few other added “perks” that you can expect to gain from completing the 14 days of marketing mastery training series:

* A BIG boost in your confidence.

* This will help you attract more people to you.

* It’s an easy to follow process to grow your marketing knowledge and impact more people, and really make a difference, all while growing your business.

Just imagine how much better your business will be when you’ve completed all 14 days …

* You’ll stop wasting time creating ineffective marketing.

* No more wasting money on ineffective advertising.

* You’ll have a page that you can point people to and they just sign up soon after.

* No more wasted time trying to figure out what part of your marketing is not working. 

* You’ll have the skills to NEVER put out ineffective marketing again.

* You’ll literally transform your marketing from ineffective to effective.
Just think about it ...

How would your business be better off if you improve your marketing?

Marketing is a very significant part of business, so probably A LOT.

Well that’s exactly what will happen when you commit to the 14 days of marketing mastery.
Here's What To Do Next ...

#1 - Click the button below, register for the 14 day marketing mastery program.

#2 - Create a special folder in your inbox to save these daily video email lessons in.

#3 - Make the commitment NOW to showing up for all 14 days. 
You have a massive opportunity in front of you right now, to learn a skill set that will literally be invaluable for you in the future, so don’t shortcut yourself and quit early… if you buy this, make the commitment to see it through. 

One of the things I didn’t even mention yet, is you’ll be getting access into our private “Creative Freedom community, and i want that group full of marketing NINJAS …so do me a favor and commit to this entire 14 days right now… you’ll forever be glad you did!

I invested over 30 man hours of my life creating this 14 day program, and I literally just had someone purchase 4 hours of my time for $8,000. (because my hourly rate for one on one coaching is $2k per hour)

So if I were to charge even half of my hourly rate for this program ($1000/hour X 30 hours) that would be $30k, and honestly, knowing what type of money this skillset can make you, it’d be completely worth it at that price.

But obviously, I’m not asking you to pay $30,000 for this info.

Instead, I want to do something very special, and make it available at a price were literally EVERYONE can afford it. (you could probably find this much spare change in your couch to cover the asking price)

So what IS the asking price?

The investment for this program is a measly $1 per day. 
14 days, so a grand total of $14. 

Yes, I’m serious.

Only $14 to learn an invaluable skillset that will put you on the path to marketing mastery, and pay you for the rest of your life.

I’m so confident that you’ll love it, I’m even willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If you watch lesson ONE and don’t think it alone is AT LEAST worth the entire $14 investment just email support@results513.com and let us know and we’ll refund your entire $14 investment AND let you keep the entire 14 day challenge for life…

How’s that for a guarantee..? 

I’m only able to make that kind of guarantee because i know you’ll love it. How do i know you’ll love it? because it’s been DESIGNED to give you exactly what I know you want. (aka - More leads and more sales generated from your marketing)

So if you’re ready to get on the path to marketing mastery, it starts RIGHT NOW by you clicking the button and getting enrolled.

I’ll see you on the inside.

Justin Glover
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